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1802A S 13th Street

Goshen, IN 46526

Tel: 574-304-9419

Piano Lessons in Goshen, IN

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Ana Yoder Coulter, Collaborative Pianist & Teacher

Please note: My typical studio year runs 11 months (40 weeks), from August to June. Instead, 2019-2020 will run 8 months (29 weeks), from November to June, due to relocating my studio to Goshen, Indiana.


Lessons will be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour in length, based on a student's age, experience, and/or preference.

Yearly Calendar

Lessons will be taught on a weekly basis for 29 weeks, from November to June. There will be no lessons over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s or Spring Break (see studio calendar for details). July lessons are strongly encouraged, but not required. I reserve the right to adjust the teaching schedule, and will communicate with students and parents accordingly. There is one flex week scheduled into the year, so that if I need to cancel lessons for any reason, the student will still receive all 29 lessons. If I do not cancel, the student may receive one free lesson. In the case of any scheduling confusion, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification. My goal is always to do my best to provide a consistent and stable learning environment for the student.


Expectation of Enrollment

In order to facilitate student learning, and adequate time for adjustment to a new teacher, it is expected that any first-time student will enroll in lessons for an initial period of at least 3 months.



Students must have an acoustic piano to practice on at home, and all keys and pedals should be in good working order. Acoustic pianos should be tuned twice each year.


Practice and Parental Involvement

Daily practice is necessary for progress, and will be expected. Students should aim to practice five to six days per week, and especially to practice the day after each weekly lesson, so that they are able to retain new material well. Assignment sheets will be provided at each lesson, including space for practice time to be recorded, and for parent initials. These should be filled out on a weekly basis. A good balance of positive parental involvement and student self-motivation and independence in practicing is encouraged.

Lesson Tuition

Please contact me directly for information about lesson tuition: or 574-304-9419.


​I will keep a log of lessons, and will send a bill by the last week of each month, for the upcoming month of lessons. Each bill will be due in full at the first lesson of the month. Payment in the form of cash or check will be accepted. Checks should be made out to: Ana Yoder Coulter. There will be no refunds, deductions, credits, or make-ups. A late fee of $5 per week will be charged for any bill paid after the first lesson of the month.


Student Books

The student will be required to purchase books, ordered and provided by the teacher at the original cost of purchase. This cost will be added to the student’s next monthly bill.



The student is expected to attend all scheduled lessons. In the case of sickness or other emergency, please notify me by phone or email at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson. There will be no refunds or make-ups for missed lessons. If I miss more than one scheduled lesson due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances (dropping the student’s received lessons below 29), I will make every effort to make it up to the student. Family emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis. On school snow days, regular lessons will proceed as scheduled. Lessons will only be canceled in the case of an Elkhart County “warning” local travel advisory. Under normal winter weather circumstances, lessons missed due to weather will not be made up or refunded.

Studio Swap List

Each student may opt-in to join the Studio Swap List, so that in the case of missed lessons due to a one-time conflict, family vacation, or other absence, they may have opportunity to exchange lesson times with another student. When requesting a swap, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Ask me about a swap before making it.

  2. Email me after arranging the swap, and cc the person/family you will swap lessons with.

  3. If two people arrive at once, I will teach the student whose lesson is normally at that time.

  4. I will not give make-up lessons if any confusion from a swap arises.

Recitals and Performance Opportunities

Students can look forward to a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year. Some of these may be limited to older or more advanced students, while others are for every student. A few have minimal participation costs, and will be added to a student’s monthly bill upon their decision to participate. Every student will be encouraged to perform on a minimum of two recitals per year: a Christmas Recital and a Spring Recital.

Adult Students

This studio policy also applies to adult students of all ages and abilities. For adults, assignment sheets will be provided at each lesson if deemed helpful, and may be used as desired to keep track of lesson assignments and practice time. Especially for adults balancing work and other life or family commitments, it is important to remember that consistency of practice, even for shorter durations each day, will yield better progress than longer periods of practice on fewer days of the week. Adult students will also be encouraged to perform, taking into consideration their interest and comfort level. This may vary based on the goals and preferences of the individual student.

Special Needs

Please inform me of any learning disabilities or emotional, physical, or other needs of any student or family currently enrolled in piano lessons. This information will enable me to best serve the needs of each student, and create a safe and positive learning environment for all.

Termination of Lessons

In the case of a student wanting to terminate lessons, the courtesy of one month advance notice is kindly requested. Any communication concerning reasons for termination, or any feedback that may serve to alter or improve the student’s lesson experience, is both welcome and encouraged.